Dear Students and Parents,

A warm welcome to SJI and congratulations on becoming part of our Josephian family!

This Level Website serves as an official portal for updates on school and class matters. We encourage you to check this site regularly to be updated on matters about your son's education in SJI.

This site is also mobile phone friendly, with back to home links found for easier navigation. We may at times use this site to gather data. We also welcome your feedback to help us improve our modes of communication.

Please email Head of Level 1 (HOL1 - 2016), Mr Joseph Edison Junior at josephe@sji.edu.sg if you have any pertinent matters to convey or wish to make enquiries. You may also contact your son's/ward's Class Tutors<CLICK HERE>.

I look forward to working closely with all of you the next two years. Thank you.


Mr Joseph Edison Junior

Head of Level (HOL1) - 2016
Phone: 62500022 ext 201
Address: 21, Bishan Street 14, S-579781

Notices and Announcements

The below Twitter link provides small snapshots and updates. This can serve as an alternative for updates. If you have twitter, you can set for alerts.

***Please note that your tweet replies will not be answered as we will use email as main means of communication, shortly. Any queries, please email us for effective, official and prompt replies. The tweets and Telegram broadcasts from us helps to expedite quick updates one-way for now. Thank you for understanding.***

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Head of Level Twitter Timeline

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*New* 2016 ACE Camp Updates

Dear Sec1s and Parents,

Please note that with reference to school diary, the following Fraternities will be scheduled for ACE Camp:

Marcian MN and Fintan FN classes will go for ACE camp 1 as per in diary. 2nd Nov to 5th Nov 2016, both dates inclusive.

Lawrence LE and Michael ML classes will go for ACE camp 2 as per in diary. 7th Nov to 10th Nov 2016, both dates inclusive.

The dates stated in the school diary for the respective camps are confirmed.

Please note that ACE camp attendence is compulsory and attendance will be noted as part of the annual Profile of A Josephian we carry out for each Josephian as part of his overall journey and development.


*New* Dismissal Times from 20th to 26th Oct 2016

Starting this Thursday, the GCE O Level examination will begin. The dismissal time for the school has been adjusted from 20th Oct to 26th Oct. The dismissal time will be as such:

1. 20th Oct (Thurs) - 12.30pm
2. 21st Oct (Fri) - 12.30pm
3. 24th Oct (Mon) - 12noon
4. 25th Oct (Tues) - 12.30pm
5. 26th Oct (Wed) - After Thanksgiving

2016 SJI School Diary ( as at 30th Nov 2015)

*New*2016 Sec 1 Term 4(updated Post exam) Timetable as at 11th Oct 2016
Return to this page to keep updated for any new changes.
The current timetable is a little more reader friendly.

( note different end times per class)


 (Time-Table Quick Legend : LSS = Lower Secondary Science, BDT = Business Design Thinking, CT=Class Tutor Period, RME=Religious and Moral Education, PSE= Personal and Social Education, ATL= Approaches To Learning, ADM = Academic Discovery Module, FN Art = Foundation Art, Pull-Out= More details later)

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