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Tentative Start of Sec1s Final Year Exams, 29th Sep 2014


A warm welcome to SJI and congratulations on being part of the Josephian Family. This Level Website will serve as a point of information on school and class matters. We may also at times use this site to gather data.

 We would like you to check this site regularly to be in touch with matters that relate to your son. We also welcome your kind feedback to help us improve our modes of communication. 

 Please email Head of Level 1 (HOL1), Mr Joseph Edison Junior at josephe@sji.edu.sg if you have any pertinent matters to convey or wish to make enquiries. You may also contact your son's/ward's Class Tutors<CLICK HERE>.

 Thank you and I look forward to working with all of you the next two years.


Mr Joseph Edison Junior

Head of Level (HOL1) - 2014
Phone: 62500022 ext 201
Address: 21, Bishan Street 14, S-579781
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( note different end times per class)

 (Time-Table Quick Legend : LSS = Lower Secondary Science, BDT = Business Design Thinking, CT=Class Tutor Period, RME=Religious and Moral Education, PSE= Personal and Social Education, TD1= Talent  Development Modules, Pull-Out= More details later)

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***NEW*** 2014 Sec1 Term 4 TimeTable As at 13th Sep 2014

***NEW***CCA Stand Down from 5th Sep 2014**

**First and foremost please confirm and check with respective CCA teachers in charge as the date may vary.

Exam Days Procedures:

Boys will need to report as per normal each morning. They will have to attend assembly as per normal days even when their papers start at 8am too.

If there are 2 papers that morning and he is not involved in the earlier one, he will need to arrive in school at least 1 hour before and be at he classroom 20 min before the paper starts.

If there are 2 papers and he is involved in the first one, he is expected to arrive in school and attend morning assembly like all other days when papers start at 8am. After the first paper and he is not involved in the second paper, he is dismissed after the first paper.

If there is only one paper or that all the papers end at a time that is earlier than the normal time table, he will be dismissed right after the paper. He is expected to return home for his revision for his next day's papers. This applies to all exam days too.

Some days, there is only one paper and it ends early, thus dismissal would be right after that paper.

If he has no paper for the day, he does not need to come to school for that day.

Arts Fest 2014

Details to be put up on Sec 1 level website:

PRELUDE: SJI Arts Festival
1 Sept Monday 2.20pm - 3.30pm
Attendance is compulsory for all Secondary 1 students
Please report to your respective venues by 2.20pm



M1 - Band


SR 3 & 4



M2 - Guitar Ensemble


Library (Reading Area)



M3 - Pipe Band


Open Space (Near Canteen)



M4 - Malay Cultural Society





M5 - Chinese Cultural Society





M6 - Sec 3 IP Music


Music Room 1



M7 - Sec 3 & 4 OP Music Students

Music Room 2



M8 - JC1 IB Music including The Grey Horizon (JC1 IB)

Canteen Stage



P1 - Drama

Classroom MN 202



P2 - Indian Cultural Society





P3 - JC1 Solo Performer


Classroom FN303



VA1 - Sec 3 IP Art


Open Space outside Art Room 3&4



VA2 - Sec 3 OP Art


Void area outside the staff room



VA3 - JC1 IB Art


Art Studio 4



VA4 - JC2 IB Art


Art Studio 1

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