1 Dec 2016 (Thu) - [Welcome to SJI ... ... Sec 1, 2017] 

Dear Parents, 
A very warm welcome to SJI. This Level Website is a platform for the school to update parents on the programmes / activities that your son will be involved in especially in January 2017. The school hopes that with more open communication, the school together with the parents will be able to better to support your son in maximizing their potential both in and outside the classroom. If you have any queries, please feel free to drop any of us an email ... ... 
  • School Matters. Mr Jude Tan, Head of Level 1 <judetan@sji.edu.sg>
  • Integrated Programme (IP). Mr Ng Yew Hong, Head (IP) <yewhong@sji.edu.sg>
  • Sports & CCA. Mr Mohd Tahir, HOD (PE/CCA) <mohdtahir@sji.edu.sg>
Resources for Sec 1 2015
  • Sec 1 2017, Booklist.
  • Uniform Vendor & Price List. Click <here>.
Have a Blessed Holidays ahead!
Mr Jude Tan
Head of Level 1, 2017